The Garden of the Future

The Aqualibrium Garden is a powerful indoor aquaponic growing system that allows you to grow vegetables right in your living room.

The system, inspired by the work of futurist Jacques Fresco, maintains an eco-friendly balance that encourages symbiotic relationships between aquatic life and plants. Once your Aqualibrium Garden is up and running, you can grow all different types of veggies, herbs, teas and flowers!

How It Works

Water that has been enriched by the aquatic life in the Aquarium Level of your Aqualibrium Garden flows up to the Garden Level. As the water passes through the root system of the Garden, the plants soak up the nutrient-filled water. Then, the filtered water is returned back into the Aquarium Level. That clean water is ready to once again be the fresh water that your fish need to live, eat and make new nutrients. It’s that simple!

Where To Use


In Homes


In Offices


In Schools

Get your Aqualibrium Garden up and running today!